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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Art Walk this Weekend!!!

I have been scrambling in the studio for the past two weeks trying to finish some new work for the Art Walk at Trillum Cove...home of Southern Fried Gallary and other amazing shops in Townsend, Tennessee.  I have been experimenting with new techniques and creating some interesting mixed media pieces.  After putting the finishing touches on a custom piece for Baby Sophia (a close friend is expecting her arrival next month), I've managed to finish six of the eight planned new pieces and will be showing them at the show this weekend...and, although I've got gunk galore (paint, glue, gesso, ink) caked to my fingernails, I'm pretty pleased with my efforts so far and excited to be included in this "First Annual" event!

More good news, I have a new camera (Darby's Advanced Photography class at school took the final breath of my dear old digital, may she rest in peace), so I hope to have some pretty sweet photos of the event.  That said, my current run of photos is fairly bleak, since I haven't really had time to tinker with the new equipment, but, as I said, I've been scrambling a bit!

Scrambling is really an understatement...I've had to enlist yoga friends to cover a few of my evening yoga classes, my husband has totally rearranged his schedule to be available for the event, my kids are holding down the fort - including dish washing and dog care - and I've got at least 12 phone calls to return.  Isn't it funny how even the good stuff in life manages to spin us around until we're so dizzy we think we're going to fall down or throw up!  To my credit, however, I vowed to try to enjoy every moment in my studio, deadline or not, since I don't get to spend nearly as much time creating these days as I would like.  I've made sure to have plenty of Candy Kisses, hot coffee, and my stash of favorite CD's at the ready...and I even managed to eat dinner with the family a couple of times this week!

All in all, I may be tried, but I'm reminded once again that I am truly blessed...I have the most amazing family in the world and an incredible group of hard-core, understanding friends.  I have chocolate and caffine and a dog that still loves me, even though we haven't played fetch for days.  My nails may be various shades of green and my hair needs...well, something...but I'm looking forward to this weekend and all of the surpises it might bring.  Check out Souther Fried Gallary's blog for more event info and, if you're able to drop by, be sure and say "hello"...oh, and bring a cup of strong coffee for me!!!

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