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Saturday, April 28, 2012


Some things truly are sweeter the second time around...I picked up this book a few years back and enjoyed every word.  Recently, I was going through my stash of books and magazines in preparation for a book fair fundraising event and I found my copy (along with some old Nancy Drew mysteries).  I pulled it out for our 17 year-old son, who has been studying teachings on the subject of "tolerance'' (he is getting a lot of practice since he started his first job!).  What began as a quick flip through turned into a full re-read and I'm finding it to be just as delicious as I remembered!

So, since I'm still healing from my runner's injury and seem to have extra time in my weekends (I miss my yoga students terribly!), I've sliced up a piece of yummy chocolate cake and snuggled down, book in hand.

Check it out and enjoy a little weekend Zen...and don't forget the chocolate cake (there's a recipe in the back of the book)!

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  1. I love a good cookbook (and Nancy Drew). What a joy to rediscover a good read and chocolate cake.