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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bits and Pieces...

I'm quite certain that you are probably much like me.  I ramble through my day to day from one project to another before waking up one Sunday morning to realize that it is already March and spring is truly around the cornner (and creeping up in my herb garden).  I'm afraid I've been a bit guilty of too much planning and not enough pausing.  Anyway, here we are with long sunny days at our finger tips and I must say I am yearning for an afternoon outside with my sketch book and a cup of tea.

As always, life at the farmhouse is busy but it's more process than progress, I'm afraid.  We still have renovation projects pending and I think I'm going to have to spend some serious time this spring reclaiming my flower beds.  With April around the corner, our tandem bicycle is itching for some time on the road...and my running shoes have already gotten a lot of attention as my husband and I have been training for our first half-marathon.   That doesn't leave a lot of time for creative thinking!

I'm beginning to feel the weary effects of too much time away from my studio.  I think I realized that this morning.  A dear yoga student gave me the most beautiful card this week and I decided to add it to my inspiration wall.  (I use the wall beside the window in my studio to display notes, sketches, pictures, and other beautiful things.)  I stood there admiring the many unqiue images layered together and I immediately felt a little hollow having missed my time with ink and paint.  Not that I haven't thought about things I would like to do...something new for my Esty shop, some intersting shelves for the bathroom, a gift for a sweet couple planning their wedding this fall...a prayerful  note to a special friend.

So, since my time is a little thin these days, I have to make sure that all of the other little bits and pieces feed my creative spirit.  Creativity really is a lifestyle...cooking a meal, creating a new playlist for my yoga class, rearranging the pantry, carrying a cute umbrella, appreciating the art in a collection of bottle caps...these little things have fed my creative spirit this winter,  along with picking funky socks to wear on my weekly long run (anything to make the miles a little more fun).  Nothing complex, I know, but collectively, these small things keep my creative mind happily humming along.

I'll keep you posted on my creative progress.  Until then, please take a moment and visit my Etsy Favorites to see the creative spirit at work in the studios of other indie artists and collectors.

Happy almost spring, everyone!

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