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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Resolve to Evolve...

I have always loved candles...small votives of illumination warm corners of my house, my walkway, and my studio.  They are like little accessories nestled in my cupboards and shelves, smiling away bringing a sense of peace and calm to even the most cluttered of spaces.

Things...even the most ordinary of items...look different in candle light.  So, I guess it shouldn't come as any surprise, that, my first meditation of this new year found me quietly gazing at a small white candle, thinking about my ever growing list of New Year's Resolutions.

I began by resolving to read more books...novels, nonsense, and more.  I resolve to write letters, not just email, and spend more face time than Facebook time with my friends.  I resolve to create a little bit everyday, pay attention, and do yoga.  I resolve to run a half-marathon and enjoy it.  I resolve to plan a little better, manage my money and my health, and play with my dog.  I resolve to embrace opportunity, the moment, and my children.  I resolve to evolve...into what, I don't know, but to move forward...curious, confident, and with grace.

I look forward to sharing my year with you...with a deep breath, learning to let go of that with separates who I am from all that I am meant to be.  Weclome, 2011...make yourself at home!


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