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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day Tote Bag

I grew up in the country among tall grass, old trees, wildflowers, and homegrown vegetables. I still wonder at the various shades of green in my lawn...I still look for 4-leaf clovers...I still smile when I hear the birds rustling in their nest outside my bedroom window.

So much can be written about the importance of recycling, our need to conserve very limited resources, or the need for new fuel sources. Today, I simply want to honor the earth and remind myself to look out, above, and below and all she has to offer.

So, in honor of Earth Day on April the 22nd, I made this simple tote bag. I used special fabric for the body - filled with reminders about conservation and recycling - and did some recycling of my own by using scrap fabric for the "yin/yang" symbol and lining.

This bag is for sale at etsy.com (www.yoganoodles.etsy.com). Now, I'm off to look for that 4-leaf clover!

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