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Saturday, March 26, 2011

A rainy Saturday and other things...

After a really tough week - for many reasons - I felt ready to embrace a rainy Saturday.  Normally, I find myself a bit resentful of rain on the weekends.  Most of my errands are accompolished between Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and the weekends generally offer my only opportunity to spend some time in the studio painting or sewing.  My studio has amazing natural light, but cloudy days leave the room rather dim and dreary, and shopping, making deliveries, and doing yardwork are not much fun in the rain.  But today was different.  The cloudy skies somehow gave me the perfect excuse to take it easy...move a little more slowly, lingering here and there...

I was ready for some much needed downtime, but first things first, so, I washed the dishes, poured a strong cup of Crawdad's (otherwise known as the hubby) coffee, and sat down with a couple of chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.  The coffee cleared my mind (sorry, but I really can't give the cookies credit for that), and I looked out the windown to check for rain.

No rain yet.  I threw on my tights and a sweater and headed downtown to teach my Saturday yoga class.  It's important to clarify here that I don't consider teaching yoga to be work in any way and, since my current schedule offers so little time to teach, I'm thrilled by every opportunity.  Anyway, after class, the skies were still grey, but the rain was holding back a bit, so I made a side trip to Benefit Your Life, a wonderful health food store specializing in gluten free and all natural products.  (I'll tell you all about them later, as they will be carrying some of my fabric pieces including my aprons, pillowcases, and market totes, but until then, check them out online.)  Then, it was off to the market for veggie burger fixins and Peroni beer, before I weaved my way back home.  Still, no rain.

I didn't bother to change clothes (yoga clothes are, after all, known for their comfort).  Wrapped in a blanket, I snuggled up on my bed with the dogs, a good book, and the remote control.  I watched the Biography channel, napped and read, and enjoyed the occassional interruption by one child or another who wanted to join the fun.  Later, Crawdad and the kids (believe it or not) pitched in to help cook dinner.  Since it still hadn't stared raining, we decided to put the burgers on the grill and then we all piled up in the living room to watch TV.  The air was cool enough for a low fire and we watched TV, laughed and debated, and enjoyed a little family time.

I've been cleaning the kitchen and listening to the kids.  I just realized that Crawdad has fallen asleep in the wingback chair...and it's raining.

I'm not really sure when the rain started, but I guess it doesn't really matter.  The idea of a rainy day has been enough...enough to give me a reason to let go, relax, and re-group and that has been a gift.  Tomorrow, I will once agin turn my attention to projects and spend my time immersed in fabric, paint, and a little G. Love.  But as a punctuation to a really stressful week, I've enjoyed my day...although I don't have much to show for it, except a full belly and a few more chapters in the book I'm reading...but I'll crawl in bed soon, turn out the lights, and listen to water dripping from the gutter outside my bedroom window, grateful for a rainy Saturday.

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