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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Kitchen Shelves...and other lessons in patience

As promised...let me tell you about my kitchen shelves.  There are only two of them and they aren't very long, but I must say I'm pretty pleased with the way things turned out, which is a really good thing because it only took forever to plan, design, and create this little bit of kitchen art.  The process started in September...

You'll recall that we began working on our tiny kitchen last fall.  Well, it isn't quite finished - the holidays hit and my free time got stretched between work, projects for clients, gifts for friends...you get the idea, and I;ve spent the last couple of months playing catch-up.  Still, we've made progress, and I'm grateful for that.  Always intended as a part of our kitchen re-do, the shelves, however, took on a life of their own.

I guess it's fair to say I suffer from AADD...Artistic Attention Deficit Disorder.  Somewhere down deep, I had an idea about how I wanted the shelves to look, but I kept bouncing from one design to another.  My husband and I debated whether they would work better on this wall or that, we planned for 3 shelves, but I changed my mind after the wood was purchased and cut to size, so we ended up with two by default...oh, and the brackets (you get the idea).  In short, my kitchen shelves became one big lesson in patience.

Patience is a funny thing...it takes a certain patience to sit in traffic or stand in line. Pregnancy was a huge test of patience for me and my children will tell you that waiting for Christmas morning or the last day of school is no picnic.  I have friends that are models of patience as they wait for loved ones in the military serving overseas to come home.  It takes patience to loose weight, quit smoking, and save money.  It takes patience to mend a broken heart, paint your nails, and wait for water to boil.  It's hard to practice patience with other people...and maybe even harder to have patience with youself.  And that's the lesson of my kitchen shelves - I had to be patient with me.

Well, I finally settled on size and design, spent a couple of weekends with various paints, prints, and mediums, and finished each shelf with a bit illustration.  My patience paid off and I'm pleased with the detail, color, and funky attitude these functional art pieces have added to my kitchen.  With walls painted, tile border finished, and shelves up, I am beginning to see the big picture...a little trim work, floor finishing and cabinet paint and we'll be able to sit back and...well, maybe not relax, exactly, but at least enjoy the view while we wash dishes!  But that will have to wait for another day...I'm back at work in the studio for the next couple of weeks...another opportunity for patience.

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