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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Independence Day...

Spring is filled with the pastels of Easter, Autumn is all about deep orange and rich ruby, and there's always the Christmas tradition of dressing everything in red and green.  Summer, however, is all about the red, white and blue and Independence day is Summer's signature event!  I really enjoy pulling out my collection of stars and stripes...it begins on Memorial Day when we drape our American Flag over the back deck and then I keep adding on until my whole house has taken on the easy, clean colors of summer.  Red, white and blue, after all, perfectly compliment seashells and suntans.
As easy as it is to create harmony with red, white, and blue, independence, however, is more complex.  We gather with family and friends, grill out burgers, eat apple pie and enjoy our annual fireworks parade, but independence is something that should be celebrated each and every day.

I am thankful for people who think independently...those who go out on a limb, stretch the boundaries, and develop new ideas.  I am amazed at the budding independence I see in my children...their confidence and acceptance as they begin to explore their place in our world.  I am inspired by those who live independently...growing their own food and creating by hand both things necessary and things luxurious.  I am humbled by those who willingly sacrifice their own comfort, freedom, and lives to secure social and economic independence for others.  And, although my definition extends beyond the lofty ideas of our founding fathers, I'm certain that without a few stars and stripes, a flag imprinted on a coffee mug, or one day in July set aside to embrace that which makes us independent, this simple, powerful idea, an idea which has defined us as a nation, might be forgotten.
Happy 4th of July...I wish you both fireworks and fun this Independence day...and maybe a quiet moment to reflect, to smile, and to be happy you live in a country that celebrates in red, white, and blue.

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