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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Well it has already been quite a day! It all started when I got up this morning and blinked my eyes...

I use to really enjoy the weekend, but somehow I've managed to cram 80% of my weekly to-do list in to approximately 24 hours. Since I teach yoga classes almost everyday of the week and my "free" time is spent in the design studio working on projects, there are few hours left to, oh I don't know, swept up the dog hair from under the kitchen table or make sure my 14-year old son hasn't left dirty underwear on his guitar stand.

In less than 12-hours I have: selected and purchased new cotton fabric; purchased veggies and baked goods from the Fresh Market and bathroom hardware from Lowe's; made artichoke dip; replaced a shower curtain rod; lost a set of paint pens; listened to my husband install (with a great deal of help) the newly purchased bathroom hardware; found a set of paint pens (not the same set, I'm afraid); talked to my mother twice - highly unusual; talked to myself about a dozen times - not unusual at all; walked the dogs; created this blog. With the exception of purchasing fabric and making the dip, I haven't scratched a thing off of my to-do list.

It takes skill and great effort, I think...to be able to generate this much energy and accomplish absolutely nothing! Fortunately, my yoga training prevents me from worrying too much about the pesky details in life. I just smile and go my merry way and hope that my children are nothing like me. I don't know who said that life happens when you are not looking, but, in my experience, life happens when you blink. And since I can't seem to keep from blinking, I guess life is going to keep rolling whether I am ready or not - so why worry about my silly to-do list?

Oh know, I blinked again!

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