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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Love Scraps of Fabric!

I have been cutting fabric all day...I prefer to cut all of my fabric first, then spend another day sewing in up into fun stuff! At the end of a cutting day, I am amazed at the pile of scraps - pretty ribbons and blocks that are the remnants of my creative process. I love these fabric ribbons! I can't bear the thought of throwing them away!

I really believe in scraps - fabric, last night's pasta, broken jewelry. These little leftovers require us to be creative; to make something out of almost nothing; to use things in a new way. So, I decide to share with you a few clever ways to use your bits of scrap fabric:

  1. Wear them in your hair. Use several different patterns and weave them into braids or simply tie up ponytails.

  2. Wear them accessories. My 10-year old daughter has perfected this technique. If she finds a scrap long enough, she will wear it as a choker, bracelet, or belt. So cute and so creative!

  3. Knit them into something. This is my personal favorite! When I have a free moment, I tie the ends of scrap fabric to together until I have a big fabric ball. Then, I pull out my knitting needles and go to work. Simple!

  4. Sew them together. You don't have to be a quilter to love small swatches of fabric! Even thin strips can be sewed together. With enough scraps, you can create your own fabric!

  5. Use them in your other creative ventures. When my daughter was little, she used my fabric scraps as clothes for her paper dolls. They also look wonderful as mats for pictures or incorporated into the framed artwork itself. The more scraps you have, the more ideas there are!

Using scraps of fabric is humbling. It reminds us that we are blessed with so much and that attention should be paid to making the most of what we have. Now, what I am going to do with all of these fabric scraps?

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