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Monday, April 12, 2010

Just a Yoga Noodle...

I am often asked, "What is a Yoga Noodle?"  Well, I guess you could say that a Yoga Noodle is a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Just like a big pot of soup, I believe that a Yoga Noodle is filled with flavors, aromas, and textures - some expected and familiar and others as unique as a family recipe.  Yoga Noodles is a lifestyle, not just a practice...it's as much about time spent at the flea market as time spent on the mat and time spent in the kitchen as time spent in a yoga class.

Yoga is art, athleticism, and meditation.  These things don't simply exist for an hour a couple of times a week...they are a part of everything we do, and, perhaps more importantly, how we approach life.  For me, yoga isn't as serious as it is refreshing - I call it "easy vinyasa" - and so I would maintain that we are all Yoga Noodles if we live off the mat what we practice on it.  Some days are challenging, others are strong.  Some days are less focused and others are smooth as silk.  Some days are all about doing and other days are all about being.

Yesterday, I found myself doing a lot.  I got up early and began my errands, which included a trip to Lowe's for top soil, kitchen hardware, and paint swatches as well as Thress's for herbs and lettuce plants.  Next, my daughter, Gentry, and I set out for the Flea Market.  My find of the day:  two painted, wicker butterfly lanterns - I have a weakness for garden lanterns!  Then, it was back home to try out my new kitchen sink (love it!), do a little spring cleaning, and whip up some yummy stuffed peppers for dinner.

Did I do yoga?  Not technically...I never once unrolled my mat and, although I managed a few fairly challenging balancing poses while vacuuming, I can't say I attained anything resembling asana.  Still, it was, for me, all yoga, all day long.  I lived yesterday with an easy flow...enjoying every beautiful, peaceful moment...and at the end of the day, I felt as physically tired and completely centered as I would have had I had spent 90 minutes on my yoga mat.

I would encourage you to embrace this "easy vinyasa" attitude and begin to see how your yoga practice has filtered into your everyday...whether its Downward Dog or daffodils; plank pose or pot pie...it's all a part of being just a little Yoga Noodle!

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