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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Getting Organized...

Since I have some custom orders to fill, I decided that my sweet little studio needed a bit of cleaning and organizing...not unlike the rest of this old farmhouse!  I'm afraid that my time spent painting and playing in my veggie patch had left the studio more than a little bit messy, so...time for spring cleaning, so to speak!

I have spent much of the last few days fabric shopping (not that I'm complaining, mind you!) for paisley and floral prints...oh, and a new iron since Darby's foray into silk screening destroyed my old one when he accidentally tipped it over onto some jumper cables in the garage.  Although I still can't find my fabric scissors, I'm planning on creating some new Namaste' Pillowcases and other bed linens, but I think I've got enough fabric for a few other projects.  The patterns have inspired me so much,t I find myself doodling paisley designs instead of doing other, more important things like washing dishes or doing the laundry, but I'm sure my doodles will turn up in my artwork before too long, so I still considered it time well spent. 

Speaking of painting, although I haven't finished tweaking the veggie patch artwork, I'm already planning my next set of projects, so I made an early morning trip out to the barn to search for some old wood.  I got a little side-tracked when I uncovered these old plant pots...dirty, of course, but in great shape, so now my mind is winding its way down new creative roads.

I've decided I don't take nearly enough time for planning and organizing.  Like many of you, my days can get pretty overwhelmed with the day-to-day stuff like brushing my teeth and cooking dinner and, since I seem to have a little bit of project ADD, I feel like my creative mind is going in twenty different directions at once!  Still, organizing clears the path for inspiration, I think...and certainly points out that I have five bottles of Caribbean Blue paint, but only one bottle of yellow.  It gives me a road map for accomplishment and a sense of clarity.  Getting organized is sort of like taking a deep, cleansing breath and I kind of like that idea.

Now...if I could just find those scissors...


  1. My mom and I are both fans of your blog!
    (And we, too, get side-tracked with projects and lists of things we want to do)
    Cute scissors :)

  2. Hey, Caroline! Thanks for following the blog...I love meeting so many great people in my "yoganoodles blog world." As for the scissors, they were a mother's day gift from my husband (he knows me so well)a year or so back and they have been through a lot since then! :)