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Monday, December 21, 2009

Quilting...and a little yoga thought

I think quilts are beautiful. Although I'm not a quilter myself, I'm often inspired by the creative designs and beautiful patterns in handmade quilts - not to mention the attention to detail. In an age of mass consumption and manufacturing, it takes so much patience and love to actually piece and sew a quilt by hand. More than that, I think it takes a unique ability to focus on what's in front of you while understanding the bigger picture.

The artwork pictured above was made for a charity auction benefiting Give 5 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As I said, I'm not a quilter, but I was inspired by a photo I had taken of a quilt drying on my clothesline, and so I decided to create a "quilt" on wood. Each "square" is a individual illustration that has been decoupaged onto wood...I pieced each square separately just as you would piece a quilt. What an experience! I soon realized that quilting isn't for the faint of heart! But more importantly, I began to appreciate the ability to stay completely focused in the moment without loosing sight of the big picture.
In yoga, we talk a lot about being centered and in the present. What I'm afraid we miss, however, is the deeper understanding that this moment was birthed from the one before it and evolves into the one beyond it. How we are right now is both a product of all that we have been and will determine what we bring into the future. And, since it is so important to live this moment well, we should also remember that we are only a small part of a much bigger whole. As intricate a design as our "piece of the quilt" might be...shades, shadows, detail and all...it is just one small piece of a much larger quilt.

Needless to say, I have renewed respect for quilters and fabric artist of all kinds. And although my quilt might not be designed for physical warmth, I know that the money raised in the auction will go toward helping needy families this time of year. I'm just a small piece...trying to live this moment really well and happy to be a part of a much grander quilt in the world.

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